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AION (its Free2Play for a While)

Posted by Shirokan

Hey Guys!
I guess most of you know Aion, but do you also know since 1 Month Free2Play? Its hosted by Gameforge now and got an Itemshop. When you allready had an Aion Account, you can transfer it to Gameforge! I don't like Aion that much, since I dont like the Chainsystem, where you got a x% Percentage to do the next part of a Chain, that makes PvP kinda Luckbased :/ But The Graphics are awesome, and who would not like to fly with Angelwings in the Abyss?! But you can give it a Try, maybe you are gonna like it!

Eden Eternal

Posted by Shirokan

Hi, my First Post will be about Eden Eternal :) Its pretty new, and an Anime MMORPG. The Game is F2P (Free2Play)!
The Thing I like about EE is the Classsystem: You got 1 Charakter, that can switch between Classes. There is a LvL of your Charakter + different LvLs for each Class. You now wonder maybe "How to Carry all the EQ for the different Classes?!" Well each Class has their own Armorset+Hotkeys, but not the Weapon, so you need to carry more Weapons if you want to switch your class while Hunting! Compared to other F2P MMOs its obviously worth a try!